Now we see what will stand on it’s own.

If you really really wanted to save energy, and you had all your numbers figured; this last year was a bonanza.  Starting the 1st of January, the new tax laws will take effect.

They have effectively gutted the tax credits for making your home more efficient. There is still some money in the pipe line for some state and federal energy saving projects, but for the individual and for your home, the energy you save will be the biggest boost. All that money that sweetened the pie is gone.

There are energy savings here, you just need to look harder.

Now we will see what has merit as far as “return on investment”. All the talk and all the hype will now have to stand the light of day. The hucksters are still waiting to take your money and they will if you let them.

There are tons of so called “miracle devices” that will make energy out of thin air. Some of these devices work with a magic magnet and will guarantee hundreds of dollars in savings each month. There are the more traditional devices such as photovoltaic panels and wind generators.

The latter will actually have a payback. (eventually)  The former only pays the salesman and the manufacturer. I have put many of these miracle devices to the test in my lab. They all fail to perform as stated. Many are not UL listed and can cause a fire.

So, let’s get back to the real world. If you want to save money, use less electricity. Turn off the lights when you don’t use them. Change out the old bulbs and use the newest fluorescent or LED lamps. Turn down your thermostat and get more insulation in the attic. Caulk around the windows and keep your A/C and heating equipment in good working order.

These are real and they will save energy. So whatever your motive is for reducing your energy usage, keep it simple and remember there is no magic when it comes to energy.  And now there are no subsidies or at least very few.

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